Get The Best Sex Of Your Life

by Kimberly Dawn Neumann
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What makes one steamy encounter so much more mind-blowing than all others? Both men and women can learn a thing or two from these true tales…

Tease, please
“Getting teased can really be a turn-on. One of the hottest nights I've ever had was with this guy who really took his time kissing me and caressing me over my clothes. Eventually he took off my pants and shirt but left my underwear on. He then proceeded to kiss me everywhere. The way he really took his time let the anticipation and tension build up beyond anything I’d ever felt before!”
— Beth, New York, NY

Start with a slow dance
“There is a silent sexual connection that happens between two people when dancing. And I’m not talking dirty dancing…I mean, a good old-fashioned
“The best sex I ever had ended up being due to a very simple thing: Leaving the lights on and lots of eye contact.”
slow dance. It seems innocent, and yet it can be so sensual. There was this one time that I was out with a date and when we went back to his place it was obvious we were connected and planning to get together, but before anything happened he turned down the lights and put on a really sexy slow tune. Then he made me dance with him for an entire song before we moved on to, well…anything else. With the last notes of the song, we finally kissed and by that point we were both so ready that the sex was hot, hot, hot. Now if I want to make a night special, I make sure to include a slow dance first.”
— Nick, South Bend, IA

Catch me if you can
“There is something about having sex in a place where you might be seen that boosts its ‘hot’ quotient. A while back I was dating this guy and he had a get-together in his apartment. During the course of the evening, we stole away for a brief rendezvous on his building’s roof deck. We were pretty discreet, but the possibility that someone could be watching us through the window in a nearby building was completely thrilling! It was definitely my most memorable moment.”
— Jade, New York, NY

Chore no more
“Sometimes all you need is a little change of place! My girlfriend and I were doing laundry at her parent's house while they were away, and well, as we threw things in the dryer, other things got heated up as well. We ended up doing it with her seated on the dryer as it worked its magic. It redefined ‘doing chores’ for us.”
— Joe, Atlanta, GA

Speak up
“Giving a little verbal direction about what you want can spell the difference between so-so sex and sex that totally hits the spot. I’m usually pretty
“Speaking up in bed can spell the difference between so-so sex and sex that totally hits the spot. Plus the directions doubled as dirty talk!”
quiet, but one girl I was with asked me questions like, ‘Do you like that? You want it this way or that way?’ and was telling me where and how she’d like me to touch her. Wow, what a difference it made: Instead of lying there hoping she’d do something a certain way, I got exactly what I wanted. Plus, the directions doubled as dirty talk!”
— Jason, San Francisco, CA

Put on an act
“A little role-playing can turn typical sex into something absolutely amazing and memorable. And it doesn’t have to be anything cheesy — you can pretend you two have just met even though you’ve been dating for a while. One guy and I used to pretend that we were having an affair with each other. Constantly ‘afraid’ we’d get caught, we’d sneak kisses — and much more — in cabs, at my office, and other places. Pretending we were being bad made things oh so good.”
— Lisa, Binghamton, NY

Dare to really bare all
“The best sex I ever had ended up being due to a very simple thing: Leaving the lights on, and lots of eye contact. It’s amazing how much you miss when you’re doing it in the dark or with your eyes closed. Changing all that made it so exciting and intimate.” — Judy, Lisle, IL

Doing what comes natural
“Back when I was in college, my boyfriend and I made love out in nature, and it really brought out my wild side. We went deep in the woods, and we couldn’t take our hands off each other. It felt positively primal doing it as we were surrounded by green foliage and the sounds of nature. Something about being in such an ‘earthy’ setting really unleashed my animal instincts and made for one amazing encounter.”
— Ruby, Corpus Christi, TX

New York City-based writer Kimberly Dawn Neumann has a great story involving a…oh, wouldn’t you like to know!
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