Dating-Trend Alert: Love At The Supermarket
How healthy eaters are meeting their mates

by Kimberly Dawn Neumann
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At a Whole Foods store, health-conscious singles aren’t just shopping for organic produce and free-range chicken: They’re looking for romance.

Ever caught yourself checking out a whole lot more than your groceries while standing in line at the market—for example, that attractive individual standing in front of you? If so, you’re not alone. Recently, when an Atlanta Whole Foods Market was voted the number one spot to “pick up a date” and “meet new people,” store representatives decided to help shoppers hook up in an official way. The result: Singles Night at Whole Foods.

At the inaugural event, held this past July, 170 singles got to shop for a mate as well as their meals. Participants wore nametags that indicated the gender of the person they were
Store representatives decided to help shoppers hook up in an official way.
seeking, thus minimizing awkward approaches. They strolled among stations offering wine tastings and cooking demonstrations titled “Perfect Dinner For Two” and “How to Impress Your Date.” Bonus: Since Whole Foods’ organic goods cater to a health-conscious crowd, customers could swap phone numbers fairly confident that their potential paramours share some of their values. “We have a lot of people that are coming from the gym so they’re obviously taking care of their bodies and thinking about what they’re putting inside their bodies as well,” says Darrah Horgan, a marketing specialist for the store. “So, that’s a definite connection.”

While Horgan isn’t sure whether any of the event’s participants are now doing their shopping arm in arm, a flurry of calls from customers asking for more singles nights has prompted the store to make these evenings a regular occurrence. Whole Foods stores in Boston and Austin are talking about following suit as well. And even if your own local grocer hasn’t caught on to the trend and started offering singles nights, that doesn’t mean you can’t bat your eyes at someone over the fresh produce, now, does it?

Kimberly Dawn Neumann has noticed many hotties at the Whole Foods Market near her apartment in New York City, but is still working on crafting the right opening line to use when she approaches them.
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