Perfect Vacations For Every Personality
He's addicted to golf; you're longing to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu. So where should you go on vacation together? Match the right getaway with your travel temperaments using this handy guide.

by Kimberly Dawn Neumann
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You'd like a tranquil spa escape. Your current travel partner thinks an adventure trip would be fun. What do you do? Throw in the towel and stay home this summer? Give up your getaway wishes to appease your mate? Go your separate "vacay" ways?

Actually, it is possible to find a travel solution that will satisfy both of you; the trick is to figure out the getaway preferences that go best with
The perfect "getaway" for this type would include lots of action and timelines.
each temperament type. "Planning the perfect vacation to please everyone can be tricky, but keeping distinct personality types in mind may be the key," says Angel Tucker, C.H.B.C., an expert personality profiler, founder of and author of Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On. Using the four basic personality types (Bossy, Fun, Sweet, Perfectionist), Tucker has helped create the following make-it-work guide for any duo taking time off work together — because the idea is to be jet-set, not upset!

Vacation preferences by personality
The first step in making your destination determination is to ascertain which "travel personality" best fits you and which one fits your travel mate. Take a look at these four main vacation personality types:

The Bossy Type
Description: This personality type is always on the go. They're quick movers, go-getters, natural leaders, and they love a challenge.
Vacation Style: The Bossy individual definitely wants to be the one doing the travel planning, and if left in charge, you can be sure any trip taken with this person will be packed with "things to do" since "Bossy" is all about "getting stuff done" — even on vacation. The perfect "getaway" for this type would include lots of action and timelines. Think zip-lining, horseback riding, etc. Whatever it is you decide to do, Mr. or Ms. Bossy want to be the one who chooses all the activities. The Bossy type's perfect vacation is one that he or she can control, plan and execute from start to finish.

The Fun Type
Description: This person loves a party, lights up the room, lives for fun and loves to make others laugh.
Vacation Style: Think pampering and shopping, or a day at the spa followed by a night on the town. The Fun type wants to keep things moving — but not necessarily in any particular direction. Fun individuals even enjoy planning nothing for a day and just doing whatever strikes his or her fancy at the moment. This type is horrible with time management and regularly wants to do more than the allotted time allows, so this type's perfect vacation would be one where everyone could just "go with the flow."

The Sweet Type
Description: Loving, nurturing, and caring, this type is not the best with making decisions, but will always be supportive of you.
Vacation Style: "Who can we help on our vacation?" may be what the Sweet type wants to know. This person also wants some cozy plans for two during the trip, so maybe plan a candlelight dinner, or moonlit walk on the beach? The key for the Sweet type is to allow for spending quality time with family and friends. Time spent hanging out at the pool or enjoying a BBQ is ideal. If this type feels he or she has spent "special moments" with others, it will be a vacation to remember for years. This type also wants to take lots of pictures to enjoy looking at when he or she is 80 and sharing memories with the grandkids. In other words, a camera is the most important thing for Sweet types to pack.

The Perfectionist Type
Description: Quiet, averse to risk-taking and probably a bit serious, this type is also a terrific planner and a deep thinker.
Vacation Style: The Perfectionist wants a vacation that is efficiently planned, cost-effective, and educational. Perfectionists love to take in a museum or gallery on trips. He or she will also want to check the ratings on restaurants before dining out to insure you'll have a quality meal at a great price. This type might even want to peruse menus online in order to know what to expect when you get there, so calling ahead for reservations is always a plus! This type doesn't adapt well to change and would prefer for things to go just as planned, so this person is not going to be keen on altering the trip's agenda once it has been decided upon. If everything is kept orderly and on schedule, the Perfectionist will think he or she had a perfect time on vacation.

If you're a Fun-Fun duo, you'll have a blast together.
The personality/vacation matches
So, now that you know your dominant vacation style and that of your travel companion, check out Tucker's suggestions for the best vacation plans to pacify your mutual travel personalities:

Bossy + Bossy
Since you both like to be active, it will definitely play in your favor. The bummer for this match is that both people want to choose the activities. To make a Bossy-Bossy vacation work, each person should take turns planning the events of the day. Or, make it such that one of you picks the hotel and the other chooses the activities or the restaurants for dinner. If you both have some control, you'll have a great time!

Bossy + Fun
This is a mix of two adventurous people… the only caveat is that the Bossy part of your pair is all about getting to the next thing on the list, while the Fun one has likely lost the list already. To plan the perfect getaway for this match, make sure the Bossy partner keeps track of all the details (hotels, restaurants, itinerary, receipts, etc.) and the Fun one has lots of opportunities to just take the day as it comes. For example, the Fun type would love to just wake up in the morning and then decide what to do, which may be hard for the Bossy type to accept — so make sure that the Bossy partner gets at least one day of the trip to plan and pick all the events he or she wants.

Bossy + Sweet
This mix is definitely prone to vacation conflict if you're not extra careful! The Bossy part of this pair will be ready to go now, while the Sweet one wants to stop and smell the roses. Make sure to incorporate both fun and relaxation or romantic time into this getaway so you're both happy. If you can learn how to "see and do" while always taking a break for a romantic lunch between tours, you'll be on the right track.

Bossy + Perfectionist
This is a mix of two people who want to get things done; unfortunately, both have different ideas about how to accomplish it. For the Bossy person, allow time for adventure and lots of action, but then give the Perfectionist a break with some time to enjoy just one activity thoroughly (which will feel like slowing down for the Bossy partner, so that person will just have to be patient). This blend of "go-go-go" and "focused activity" vacation styles will leave both types with perfect memories.

Fun + Fun
Anyone up for having a good time? If you're a Fun-Fun duo, you'll have a blast together, though the entire trip could appear chaotic to onlookers. You might actually need a vacation from your vacation when you return, since there will be constant activity and play…though, speaking of time, you'll probably be late to everything, since neither one of you really gets the concept of punctuality. But who cares when you're having such a blast doing everything together, right? The best vacation for you — the party pair — is to not plan that much and instead follow your whims. You'll enjoy the excitement of exploring the new and unexpected together!

Fun + Sweet
If you're a Fun-Sweet duo, plan a vacation that involves other people — but leave some time for one-on-one romance, too. The Fun part of this party will need to be careful not to overwhelm the Sweet type by trying to squeeze too much into one day. Keep it playful and romantic while involving your friends here and there and you'll both have a vacation to talk about for a lifetime.

Fun + Perfectionist
Now, here's a duo that's hard to please. One wants spontaneity while the other wants a plan. You'll have to work a little harder to make this a great time for both parties. Consider dividing up your time with a routine during the first half of the day (such as having a cup of coffee by the pool every morning after a swim, for example), and then allowing the second half of the day to be more spontaneous. If you structure your time this way, the perfectionist will know what to expect and will have an opportunity to accept the routine. Perfecto!

Sweet + Sweet
If you're a doubly sweet couple, you'll have a great time just being together, but that might be all you do, since neither one of you is good at making decisions. It would easy for you to sit around the entire vacation and toss around ideas of what you could do, but oddly enough, both of you might be perfectly satisfied if you end up doing nothing but talking the whole trip (as long as you're together and bonding). Whatever you do, keep things easygoing and your vacation will go easy, too.

Sweet + Perfectionist
If you're part of a Sweet-Perfectionist couple, you share several traits in that neither of you likes to move fast and you both love information and learning. So your best vacation plan includes challenging your cranium: a museum visit or a theatrical performance would be a good activity choice for a "smart" time together.

Perfectionist + Perfectionist
The Perfectionist pair will be just fine taking the whole vacation slowly. You both want to do only one thing per day, so make it a quality event. Historical excursions are usually a great hit, so visit the Library of Congress or take in some bird-watching. Enjoy finding free things to do on your vacation (since you're both thrifty in nature) and you'll have a splendid time while saving money, too.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is a popular New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Maxim, Redbook and frequently online. A certified dating/relationship coach, she's published two books: The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First and is the founder of She likes romantic and active vacations… and always carries her camera.
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