Love Is In The Aura
Is there an intangible quality that attracts us to certain people? Maybe! Learn how to read someone's energy, identify your own aura and see what "colors" you match with by taking our fun quiz below.

by Kimberly Dawn Neumann
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Ever sensed that the energy between you and your date was just not meshing? The answer was probably in your aura.

"Everyone has an aura — what science calls an electromagnetic field — and the colors in your aura reveal important information about you: your personality, priorities, relationship styles, and
Everyone is born with the ability to see auras.
more," says Pamala Oslie, author of the books Life Colors and Love Colors and founder of "Some of the different aura color personalities are much more compatible than others." So, when you find yourself drawn to someone — or when you're repelled, feel uneasy or uncomfortable — you are actually feeling or sensing that person's energy field.

With that in mind, it makes sense that the best dates for you would be the ones with compatible auras, right? Read on for ways to "read" your date's electromagnetism.

See the light
Everyone is born with the ability to see auras. Infants and animals still see auras because they haven't been taught otherwise. A dog will growl and bark at one person, yet befriend and wag his tail at another. A baby will often smile and reach out to one person, but cry and pull back from someone else. The dog and baby are both seeing or sensing each person's aura or energy field. Though there are different ways of sensing an aura (including just getting a feeling), it can be fun to try to train your brain to see auras visually. To develop your aura-sensing skills, practice this simple "aura spotting" exercise from Oslie shown below.

Aura spotting exercise:
Have someone stand in front of a white background while you relax and focus your attention just above and beyond the person's head. Look in that direction with "soft eyes" — i.e., the same way in which your eyes become slightly unfocused when you daydream. Don't try too hard, though, because struggling and focusing too intensely probably won't work. Relax and let it come to you naturally.

After a few moments, you might see a soft, white glow appear around the person's head or body. Many people assume that what they're seeing is an optical illusion — an afterimage of the physical body. For example, if you stare at something red for awhile and then look away, the opposing color green will appear before your eyes (and that is an optical illusion).

To prove to yourself that you're really seeing the aura, ask the person to imagine an intense beam of light shooting from the top of his or her head. You should be able to see that white glow expand, intensify, or fluctuate.

Hey baby, what's your aura?
Since seeing your own aura is really difficult and you may not be able to visually identify your date's without a good deal of practice, Oslie created a quiz to help you determine your predominant colors (and get a sense of what your date's aura might be just by looking at the personality traits that are connected to certain aura colors). Be sure to respond with the answers that you feel truly suit your personality, not with how you think you should answer. Each color has three questions; answer each one with "yes," "sometimes" or "no," then use the answer key below to identify you and your date's primary and secondary aura colors.

Note: Don't take this test during an emotionally distraught or traumatic time for you personally, as it may skew or alter your true answers (since your aura is likely different when you're overly emotional).

Aura Color #1:
  1. I like to laugh and cheer people up. I wish people could just play all the time.
  2. I like to be creative, artistic, work with my hands or be a healer.
  3. I tend to look younger than my age and like to exercise.
Aura Color #2:
  1. I prefer to see the proof, logic and data behind ideas.
  2. I enjoy working with machines, computers, or electronic gadgets.
  3. I am more analytical and logical, rather than being an emotional person.
Aura Color #3:
  1. I tend to be a workaholic, perfectionist, ambitious, and strong-willed.
  2. My top priorities are making money and accomplishing business goals.
  3. I am organized, efficient, and often write lists.
Aura Color #4:
  1. I tend to counsel, help, and take care of everyone.
  2. God, spirituality, love and relationships are my highest priorities.
  3. I tend to be emotional and can cry very easily.
Aura Color #5:
  1. I have a strong need to help save or improve the planet.
  2. I have always felt that I was going to be famous, a leader, or do something big and important.
  3. Freedom, travel, and independence are major priorities to me.
Aura Color #6:
  1. I have strong psychic abilities, vivid memories of past lives, an uncanny comprehension of computers and can often read other people's minds.
  2. I have difficulty relating to the world in its current condition and often don't feel that I belong here.
  3. My appearance often seems androgynous (both male and female).
Scoring guide for identifying your aura color
Now, look over your quiz and figure out which questions you answered with the most "yes" responses per aura color. If you had the most "yes" answers in:
Color #1 = Your aura is predominately Yellow
Color #2 = Your aura is predominately Tan
Color #3 = Your aura is predominately Green
Color #4 = Your aura is predominately Blue
Color #5 = Your aura is predominately Violet
Color #6 = Your aura is predominately Indigo

The color with the second-highest number of "yes" answers comprises your secondary aura — but keep in mind that most people are a mixture of more than one aura color in varying degrees of intensity.

Aura descriptions and best matches by color
Now that you know your main aura colors, check out what it says about your personality and which aura colors in other people are your best matches. If you don't know your date's aura, these descriptions can also help you figure out which hue you might be having coffee with so you can color your interactions accordingly. Keep in mind that there are many variations and color combinations beyond the ones we've presented here, so to find out
These practical and down-to-earth personalities value long-term commitment.
more about your aura matches, you might want to consult Oslie's book — but this is a great start!

The fun-loving Yellows need playmates. These big kids at heart need to laugh and enjoy life with a partner who is their best friend. Yellows love to make people happy, so they need to be coupled with those who give them positive feedback — not constant criticism of their childlike and youthful behavior. If a Yellow gets the impression that he or she is perpetually disappointing a partner, this person will lose his or her natural enthusiasm and eventually give up trying to please the other person. Yellows enjoy partners who are playful, happy, spontaneous, curious, optimistic, physically active, healthy, and content with the simple things in life.
Best aura love matches: Yellows, Tans, Blues

These practical and down-to-earth personalities value long-term commitment. They need partners they can count on to be logical, devoted and reliable. Tans prefer mates who can be content with (and even appreciate) a basic and secure lifestyle instead of those who need extravagance or an outrageous and adventurous life to be happy. Tans are usually the ones who faithfully stay in their marriages and jobs for their entire lives. They tend to work steadily and earn a reliable income so they can have a secure home environment, a healthy pension, and a safe retirement plan. This way, they can provide for their families and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Tans are not risk-takers or gamblers; rather, they prefer partners who will share in a safe, sensible and long-term committed relationship.
Best aura love matches: Tans, Yellows, Blues, Greens

These movers and shakers are intelligent and ambitious with a strong, commanding presence. Greens want to live a well-respected and quality lifestyle. These driven, often workaholic individuals may not be home much, however, so they prefer partners who are independent and self-reliant. Greens need to be able to respect and feel intellectually stimulated by their mates. They also require a high level of honor and integrity from their partners. They're also willing to share their hard-earned fortune with an appreciative mate. They are risk-takers and gamblers who need support and encouragement from their mates, not someone who will prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Their partners must respect them, their money, their plans/ideas, and their dedication to work.
Best aura love matches: Tans, Greens, Violets

Blues are among the most nurturing and devoted partners because they live for love. One of their greatest joys and sources of fulfillment lies in knowing that they are in a loving, committed, and monogamous relationship. When Blues fall in love, there's nothing they won't do to keep that relationship together. What Blues needs from a life partner is love, monogamy, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional connection, mutual trust and long-term commitment. Blues are often highly emotional beings, so they need partners who are compassionate, kind and understanding. Emotional intimacy is much more important to Blues than physical intimacy. Blues desire a strong emotional and supportive bond with their partner and a harmonious, spiritual, and love-filled home — and for all of it to last forever.
Best aura love matches: Yellows, Tans, Blues, Violets, Indigos

Violets usually have strong, dynamic personalities. They are natural leaders who often use their passion and vision to inspire others. Violets typically radiate a tremendous amount of charisma and sexual chemistry. These people need to live remarkable lives, so Violets require partners who can soar with them — those who can encourage and motivate them to reach their highest potential. To feel fulfilled, they'll need companions who are their equals — inspirational partners who share their visions. If they marry people who are weak, fearful, resistant or uninspiring, Violets can become bored, unfulfilled… and eventually, emotionally disconnected. They must experience excitement, growth, expansion, inspiration and passion in their relationships to prosper.
Best aura love matches: Greens, Blues, Violets, Indigos

Indigos are intelligent, sensitive, spiritual and extremely intuitive folk; most of them are actually psychic. Indigos can also be extremely honest, aware, independent, fearless and strong-willed. Most exhibit a wisdom that is beyond their physical years and need partners who are willing to live with their higher principles and who have also developed a higher spiritual awareness themselves. They need partners who are authentic, caring, wise, honest and supportive. Indigos want to bond completely with their partners, be able to trust the ones they love with their deepest secrets, and to explore magnificent spiritual ideals together. It usually doesn't matter to Indigos whether this person happens to be male or female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, asexual, a different nationality, or a different color, because they relate to a person's inner essence rather than the outer form — they want to bond soul-to-soul with someone. So, that partner needs to be able to understand, accept, and live at the same level Indigos do.
Best aura love matches: Blues, Violets, Indigos

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is a popular New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Maxim, Redbook and frequently online. A certified dating/relationship coach, she's published two books: The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First and is the founder of She's apparently glowing with a yellow-blue-violet combo aura.
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